DIY Dark Chocolate Cocoa Mix

An easy, DIY hot cocoa mix with three ingredients. Makes for a perfect gift, an after school treat, or just a quiet night in.


5 Tbsp. cocoa powder
4 Tbsp. French Vanilla flavored powdered coffee creamer
5 1/2 Tbsp. white sugar

Layer these ingredients in a small mason or container with a lid. Shake contents until well combined.

To make a rich and creamy cup of hot cocoa, add two tablespoons of the cocoa mixture to one cup of hot water in a large mug. Stir until dissolved.

IMG_6186 IMG_6185

I found it goes extremely well with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix… 😉

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Hey! I'm Lisa. Hobbyist writer and homeschooling mama, and lover of all things colorful, cute, coffee-related, and God-created. Welcome to my world.


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