Favorite Spring Things

February marks the beginning of the end of dreary, bone-chilling days in the Mid-West.

I already have daffodils and tulips peeking out in my garden, so I can’t wait to get spring underway!

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with energy laden kids on those almost-warm-enough-but-not-quite type of days.

Here are some things that are saving my almost-springtime sanity!

Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons

Crayola 24ct Mini Twistables Crayons
Photo Credit and Amazon Link


Love these little guys! SO much more exciting than regular crayons, according to the kids here.

Free Frozen Printables

35 FREE Disneys Frozen Coloring Pages (Printable) going to print this out for me... duh.:
Check it out!

The Kids Coloring Pages has A TON of free coloring book printables online! Perfect for my Frozen-crazed child.



Giant chalk, small chalk, huge packages of multicolored chalk, DIY chalk — any and every kind of chalk is a big hit with kids at this place. We use small lap chalkboards inside and our favorite is staying close to the house (when it’s super windy) and drawing masterpieces on the cement.

Dollar Store Flower and Plant Seeds

I love these because they are extremely cheap and easy to build lessons and activities around. You can learn about and plant flowers even before it’s really too chilly to begin the gardening season.

Yoga for Kids Videos on Youtube

We are loving this indoor “get up and move” activity! Our current go-to is easily searchable on Youtube, and has lots of different “story adventures.” Sometimes the yoga mat is already out before I can turn on the TV! Bonus, I get a quick workout in before my work day is over!

This Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies (GF) - No butter, No white sugar, and No flour used averiecooks.com
Find the recipe here!

I make this almost weekly. Sometimes the kids help, and sometimes I make them during quiet time. They are WONDERFUL incentives (taste amazing) and are fairly healthy (no butter, flour, milk, white sugar, or oil)! In addition, they could NOT be easier to make. 🙂



Of. Every. Kind. Imaginable. My kids are obSESSED with stickers and sticking them to literally anything and everything. (Okay, who am I kidding, I love them too! It’s adorable finding a cute Olaf or sparkly flower or red race car stuck to the fridge or door handle.) But for real, stickers used on laminated sheets of paper are one of the best time-killers and story telling methods I’ve ever known!

Bentley’s Tea

Photo and Purchase Link

Some friends of our family recently introduced us to this brand of tea, and we love it! This black ginger peach is my current favorite. There are not many things as cozy (or nerve-calming) on a chilly almost-spring day than a steaming cup of tea.


I guess with spring around the corner, that means spring cleaning will soon be upon me, too…but for now, I’ll enjoy the little things that mean winter is nearly over!



Happy almost spring.



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