Reading My Way out of Spring Fever

Books: my #1  way to combat the ache in my bones for warm weather and getting out to garden, with bringing almost-budding branches and store-bought flowers inside as a close second. 🙂

I have SO many yard and gardening projects on the docket, and can’t WAIT for that last hard freeze to be done!


So instead of pining over the plants I can’t put in the ground yet, I’m looking through stacks of books about yards, gardens, flowers, landscaping, and spring in general. Ha!

Here’s what I’ve got on my reading list this week as I’m patiently waiting on pins and needles for that warmer, less windy weather!

Plantiful by Kristin Green


The subtitle of this book pretty much sums it up: Start small, grow big with 150 plants that spread, self-sow, and overwinter. What’s not to love?


Dryland Gardening by Jennifer Bennett


More in-depth than the last title, this vast volume covers grasses, perennials, vines, annuals and succulents, and pretty much everything in between!

The Gardener’s Year by the DK Penguin Random House Editing Team


HUGE. BOOK. of flowers, plants and veggies, for EVERY SEASON. Large, gorgeous photos, and easy to understand terminology…yes, please! ❤

 Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler

Why yes, that IS the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge sitting there! (And don’t mind those half-eaten Smarties there…)


Set in the southern states during springtime, a young widow with two girls and a dream to own her own landscaping company begrudgingly enters a contest filmed by her local TV station to give the city park a face-lift, and gets more than she bargains for! I devoured this book in two days flat. 🙂


And for my kiddo… a few other spring related titles make my list!

Bella and the Bunny by Andrew Larsen and Kate Endle


A sweet little tale of a bunny and a little girl, who both love fuzzy sweaters. Cute read!

Waiting by Kevin Henkes

IMG_0191 (2)

A group of toy friends wait patiently for all kinds of weather, and the classic Kevin Henkes illustrations inspired us to cloud watch, and make our own fluffy cloud craft! Highly recommend this one. 🙂


Hopefully, we have enough reading fodder to last us through these last few weeks of chilly weather…but if not, we have no problem soaking up the sunshine from our car windows and heading back to the library!




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