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My Top Ten Favorite Things About Summer

Blue skies, vibrant flora, sweet berries and tomatoes…


There’s nothing quite like summer.

Even though in my state, temps can rise well above 100, I’m finding a lot of joy in the little things this summer. I thought it’d be fun to share my top ten.


1. Fresh, bright and fragrant blooms.


Right now, I have huge echinacea, hydrangea, gladiola, zinnia and shasta daisies. Anyone who knows me well knows that flowers are my favorite, in every season. 🙂 The best part about this photo is that I took it while watching a summer rainstorm roll in from my back yard. Glorious!

2. More run-around time outdoors with family.


This little pup has about worn himself out playing ball in this pic. I love being outside, even if the temperatures are sweltering. At our house lately, the kiddie pool and a bubble machine can kill over an hour of time! Everyone’s always happier if we can have a little extra vitamin D!

3. Snowcone shacks are back in business!


I have several favorite spots all over the state, including one nine miles from our house, but my new fav is an hour and a half away, where my parents live. Seeing my parents AND indulging in a mango tangerine (“tangerango”) snow cone? Worth it.

4. Summer storms rolling in.


I love rain storms anyway, but I love them even more when they give my poor wheat allergies a break! 🙂

5. My first ever (as an adult, in a tent) camping adventure.


I have to brag…My hubby has mad camping skills. I’ve been promising him a camping trip for over a year (I know, I have no excuse) and we finally took the trip this summer! It was warm and buggy, but the views, campfire food, and quality time with my hubby was so worth it.

6. Seasonal baking.

Blueberry Scones


Blueberry scones (top), gluten free blueberry French toast (middle), and gluten free lemon blueberry doughnuts (bottom).

Baking is my go-to destresser. I absolutely love it when fresh summer fruit finally hits the stores mid-summer, so I can amp up my blueberry scone game. We’ve been selling the scones and the doughnuts at our farmer’s market stand each week, and they’re always a customer favorite.

7. Fresh produce = no-cook meals!



I was craving veggie pizza the other day, and had just picked green onions and broccoli. Over some toasted gluten free sandwich bread and sour cream and chives, it was divine!

8. The stunning wheat harvest views.

There’s something so simply idyllic about those amber waves of grain emulating a wide open, golden ocean.

9. Seeing the fruits of your garden labor, literally!


Finally we are seeing some ripe tomatoes, full, ready-to-bloom sunflowers, and tiny little pumpkin balls! So exciting. We’ll be selling cherry tomatoes at the market next week, and I can’t wait!

10. Iced Coffee.



Cold brew, frappucinos, iced mochas, you name it. My favorite cold drink this summer so far has been this chilled Bushveld Blend my mom and brother brought back from their mission trip to Africa. If you’re looking for something cold, sweet and caffienated, check out my recipe for simple iced mochas here, or homemade Starbucks bottled frapuccinos here!


Those are my top ten, but I still have one more to mention as runner up…

Clear, warm, starry night skies. No photograph can come close to the real deal, right? 🙂


What are your favorite reasons for loving summer?




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