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Fall Scones!

Our little garden and baked goods business had a very busy summer!

At our local farmer’s market, we sold a variety of fresh produce and goodies nearly every week for two months! It was a blast, and you can read more about our market adventures here.

But now that autumn has hit, we’re setting our sights tastebuds on the flavors of fall, and we couldn’t be more excited about them!

As a test-run and promotional idea, we sold two rounds of pumpkin spice scones at our yard sale last weekend, because honestly, who doesn’t love a good pumpkin spice baked good straight out of the oven and smothered in vanilla glaze? 😉

They were a hit.

So Hubby and I began brainstorming on what new scone flavors could epitomize this beautiful autumn we are having already.

We decided the pumpkin spice deserved a coffee companion, so we’ve added a pumpkin spice latte with vanilla and brewed espresso!  ❤

In addition, we’ll be serving up lavender vanilla, apple cinnamon and “Tuxedo” scones (with white and dark chocolate chips).


We are so excited for this new, fall season and where it will take us and our little business!


I’ll have to post an update later on how our new scone flavors do!

So far, pumpkin spice is in the lead….



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