Early Childhood Christmas Learning Activity Roundup

How are the first two weeks of December almost over?!

Last night I saw a couple of different social media and blog postings asking readers: “What are your December/Christmas lesson plans like?” I thought it might be fun to share some fun and festive resources and activities we’re using this holiday season!


*These ideas and resources are from a variety of other (not me) amazing bloggers and online educational “gold mines.” 🙂 Enjoy!

In terms of our daily schedule, most things have stayed pretty static. I’m sure once next week hits and the holiday get togethers, parties, and programs get going, it’ll be a little more crazy. Because of that, I really love having a relaxed December in terms of school. I usually just sprinkle a few fun worksheets and seasonal activities into our regular subjects, and embrace the crazy at whatever point it begins! 😀

Here’s what our tentative plans are by subject!

For Advent/Bible:

I love celebrating Advent. Lighting the candles each Sunday is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This thrifted seasonal countdown board still needs a little TLC (a few broken clothespins), but my oldest and I worked together to color and laminate all the activities, and stuff them into each numbered envelope. It’s been fun going through each activity. You can make your own with activities tailored to your family’s holiday traditions, or you can print these from Hip Homeschooling Moms here!


I also found tons of adorable Advent themed printables from Blessed Beyond a Doubt. My favorites are linked here below!

Christmas Freebies

Advent Wreath Coloring Page

Baby Jesus Color by Pattern


For Reading/Literacy:

During December, I always pull out a giant basket of Christmas books. In addition, we have a HUGE library book stack (see picture below) of more holiday reads! We try to read a couple each day. Some days I like to incorporate lots of comprehension questions, or maybe create a craft to go with one of the books, just for fun. Other days its as simple as choosing one small story to read aloud at snack time. Reading and literacy is one thing I don’t tend to stress about during the holidays. If anything, December makes reading way more fun because of all the special books! 

A book and craft (for Jan Brett’s The Mitten) activity we did at our local Mommy and Me group this week. It turned out so cute!


For Creative Arts:

Art is usually integrated into other subjects from week to week. This December we’ve done arts and crafts using recycled materials at our local Mommy and Me group. I use lots of my other Advent resources, and even dollar store Christmas coloring books to supplement!

My daughter insisted that this snowman’s feet should go on his head. This cute little alien snowman is growing on me. 🙂


Another idea for art came from the blog Mom Inspired Life. How cute is this little gingerbread man invitation to play? I can’t wait to try it!


For Math:

I spent quite a bit of time this morning browsing Teachers Pay Teachers for some fun Christmas math resources I’m so excited to use! If you’ve never tried  Teachers Pay Teachers, I encourage you to check it out! It’s free to sign up, and they have tons of free resources for all age levels. My daughter is working right now on patterning, memorizing and writing the numbers 1 through 20 and computing simple addition problems. These were both festive and free! 😀

Math and ELA Practice Freebie

Christmas Kindergarten Math Centers: Addition Facts Task Cards

Christmas Math Sequencing Missing Number Freebie


For Science and Sensory: 

I really love getting creative with our science and sensory activities at Christmastime! Here are some activities we’ve already done, and a few we’re looking forward to in the next few weeks:

  • Baking goodies
  • Wrapping presents
  • Creating gifts, ornaments, or our own wrapping paper
  • Cleaning for special company (putting away toys and dusting is way more fun if family or friends are coming over!)
  • Spoiling our pets with extra grooming (since coming indoors this time of year is a must)
  • Playing with our Christmas tree felt board (cute tutorial here from To Be a Kid Again)
  • Investigating and journaling about the weather


Between our regular weekly schedule, holidays parties, and prepping for Christmas and New Year’s, it’s already been a busy holiday season. I’m really excited for the more relaxed and fun-filled, Christmas atmosphere these activities and resources can bring!

What great Christmas resources, traditions and activities contribute to your December holiday homeschool plans?




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