Favorite Things Friday: Warmth

Happy Friday, friends! This week has had it’s fair share of crazy in terms of sickness (again) and schedules, so I’m feeling pumped about this drizzly, beautiful start to the weekend.

In honor of the freezing weather, my Favorite Things Friday theme is warmth – all the cozy and snug things I’m loving this week. ❤

This Book Lovers’ Soy Candle: Reading at the Cafe


Does it get more warm and cozy than a candle that smells like reading at a cafe? The best part about this candle is that is was a gift from a dear friend that I opened at a coffee shop.

This Blanket Scarf

This amazing gift from my hubby at Christmastime has basically lived around my shoulders ever since I received it! (Save for a few washings 🙂 ) I love the tartan pattern, and orange is my favorite color. info graphic from Stylish Petite showing all the ways to style a blanket scarf!


Starbucks Rwanda Rift Valley Single-Origin Coffee

Currently, I’ve been drinking mostly decaf, thanks to baby :), but Hubby was gifted this amazing single-origin coffee for Christmas. Every once in a while, I take a sip or two several swigs from his mug because this is SO GOOD. It really tastes like more of a dessert coffee, but the medium roast is perfect for early, cold mornings too.


Chocolate Foam Sensory Activity for Kids

This idea is from And Next Comes L, and I cannot wait to try it with Bundle! I know it’s not exactly warm, but the concept sure is, and I’m certain we’ll end the activity in real hot chocolate. What’s not to love?


These Muk Luk Socks

I’ve had three pairs of these socks for two winters now, and love their soft, stretchy material. They’ve held up SO well (no holes or tears at all yet!) and they come all the way up to my knees. Perfect for people who are habitually chilly or just love cute and warm socks to go with boots.



How are you staying warm on this lovely, chilly, drizzly day?

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