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Favorite Things Friday: Homeschooling Blogs

**This post is actually a few weeks old, but needed some updates due to broken links. I decided I’d fix it up and reblog it for this week’s Favorites Friday! Hope you enjoy!

Hi, homeschooling friends!I wanted to gather a short list of my current favorite homeschooling blogs. All of them have links to Facebook or Pinterest, or both, which is so handy. When the new year is just gaining steam again, I love having more ideas and inspiration at my fingertips!

These fabulous five sites are blogs I follow and visit regularly, and am constantly “stealing” ideas from. Homeschooling can be tough, but having online resources and encouragement that come from like-minded people can be a huge help!

Sallie Borrink

I absolutely fell in love with this blog about a year ago, when struggling with the idea of homeschooling an only child. This blog not only has beautiful printables and products, but also great advice and highly informative articles on thematic learning and high needs children.

Hip Homeschooling Moms


The article linked above, as well as this one, actually played a fairly big role in our family deciding to homeschool – see more on our story here – and now I’m hooked! I also follow them on Facebook and I love their positive, funny and practical posts.

The Encouraging Homeschool Mom


I discovered this blog just a few months back, but love it. You can find her on Facebook with the name “Jamerrill’s Large Family Table.” I follow her Free Homeschool Deals on Facebook too, which links to lots of freebies and great deals on other homeschooling resources as well.

The Relaxed Homeschooler


This blog is a gold mine for PreK and Kindergarten resources! I’m loving this cute (free!) planner! With free activities, printables and crafts, as well as lots of advice for a beginning homeschool families, this happy, colorful blog can be very addicting! 🙂

My Joy Filled Life


This encouraging blog was new to me this year. Its resources range from recipes, to homeschool deals, to story time links, and it even has lots of great posts about babies and pregnancy. I absolutely love this post about praying through pregnancy. As advertised on her blog, she has an AMAZING Pinterest page as well, so be sure to check that out too!

This list of favorites is ever growing, as is the blogging realm of homeschooling families. So exciting!!

What are your favorite homeschooling blogs?

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