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Favorite Things Friday: 10 Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Alright…this beautiful spring weather has definitely got me dreaming of patio lights, fire pits and giant flower pots!

I couldn’t help but make my Favorite Things Friday post about spending more time in the great outdoors…of my yard. (Ha! Don’t get me wrong, I love camping, but I’m still partial to my garden and lounge chair…) 

Spending time outdoors – especially around the flora and fauna of my own back yard – is one of my favorite things to do. This time of year we’ve got tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths in full bloom, with iris, spirea and roses not far behind. Spinach and kale are coming up in our planters (yay, planter gardening!), and the trees and grass are turning that sort of ethereal green that is only possible in spring.

Looking around the beauty God created always makes me feel more near to him. I love dreaming about how to make the space we have even more beautiful and enjoyable, and these fabulous ideas are just sparking my imagination…

Ten Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

How adorable is this garden swing? We’ve got a huge oak tree in our backyard… I don’t think it would take much convincing to have Hubby make one of these for me the kids. Now I just need to plant wildflowers all around the base of the tree!


Wisteria is so beautiful and romantic. I know several people in our area who grow it so well, but I have yet to try my hand at it! Anyone else great at growing wisteria? This is such a great start for inspiration!


This sun room looks perfect for novel-reading, coffee-sipping getaways. That pallet-like floor and worn paint lends almost a farmhouse feel, and the trees in and out of the doorway and windows give the space a jungle vibe! Forget spring – bring on the summer with this amazing sun room!


I’ll be honest, this one’s a bit out of my landscaping capabilities, but what’s not to love in this photo? Tropical plants, water features, a warm, cozy fireplace…what a beautiful space for entertaining and relaxing!


This photo looks much like our own patio…minus the pergola and lights! We’re looking forward to someday building a covering over our patio, and these lights just get me. I’d never want to leave!


It’s an indoor space…it’s an outdoor space…it’s…. gorgeous, whatever it is. Imagine drinking in the sunshine in one of those chairs on a cool spring morning, leafing through the pages of your favorite book while a mug of hot tea rests in your hand. Divine!


Looking at the space below actually makes me want to host a dinner party! I love the cute mini bar, the romance of the string lights and the little stone path. Plus, anything that includes huge stone planters is a win in my book!



The pattern of the brickwork is what won me over in this picture. The high trellises filled with climbing ivy are a close second!



I love the French-cottage-springtime-garden look of this pretty outdoor space. It’s amazing what a few fresh cut blooms, white linens, and some great wicker furniture can do!




This adorable gardening and potting table is perfect for getting your yard ready for spring! Hubby made one similar to this for sister a while back. I’m thinking that one of these would make a cute addition to our back patio!



Still craving more outdoor space and yard inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards on Garden Love and Spaces and Places.


Happy Friday, all!


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