Weekly Brew: Garden Update!

Well, spring is well underway, and I thought it was about time for a short little garden update!

This year I made the executive decision to NOT have quite the extensive garden in terms of vegetables as last year. We had the amazing experience last year of growing and selling most of our produce and flowers in our local farmer’s market, but with a new little one on the way in a few short weeks, I figured the last thing I’d want to be doing mid-summer is weeding and harvesting and keeping mice (and our dog) out of the garden. 😀

This time around, I wanted (almost) strictly flowers and herbs. We nearly nailed it! Ha.

Here’s what’s blooming!


Herbs have graced our south-facing windows for a few months now, and my kitchen is rejoicing! How wonderful it is to cook and bake with fresh herbs again! We’ve got mint, chives, basil, cilantro, and parsley. I haven’t yet decided which ones will go to live outside for the summer.


The Spirea bush is HUGE this year, and even more beautiful than ever. I love filling a vase that nearly topples with the weight of the tiny, white blooms on long, twiggy stems. Our Easter table will definitely have a vase full of these!


Adorable and amazingly fragrant grape hyacinths are popping up all over – even in the grass! Bundle loves picking them and putting them in tiny vases around the house.


Siberian iris are blooming next to the gladiola bulbs, who’s green tips are just poking out of the soil.


Okay, I know I said we almost succeeded at planting a flower-only garden, but we just had to have some salad fixings go into pots. Spinach, kale, lettuce, green onions and (only) 8 tomato plants are the only veggies (so far).

I’m excited to cut the spinach this weekend – we planted early for an early spring harvest, and I’m so glad we did! Easter salad will likely contain the spinach pictured above.

More updates on those to come!



Other succulent ground covers like this sedum are spreading over our lawn like a glossy glaze poured over a cake. It never fails to spring back every year since we’ve lived here. It grows vibrant and green everywhere. In pots, crawling over the front porch, spreading between the flower beds and in the sidewalk cracks… I love it. It makes everything more green and happy!




Our roses are likely the next to bloom, and I’m eager to see the first fruits of several packages of wildflower seeds and home-harvested zinnia seeds pop up soon. Can you tell this girl is a little bit ecstatic about growing season?!



What are you growing in your garden this year?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Brew: Garden Update!

  1. Enjoying lilacs, dianthus, lily of the valley right now, with peonies, roses, and clematis due in a few days. Just got 2 cherry tomato plants in this weekend and loving the promise of day lilies popping up everywhere. Soon it will be warm enough to move the hibiscus (which you gave me for Mother’s Day several years ago) outside to the patio — and then we set up the BBQ again for the summer! Bring it on!

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  2. I have tulips and daffodils blooming, The hyacinths are just about done for. The rest is still peeking up!! My forsythia bushes are starting to blossom so pretty too.

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