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Nesting Mode Update

Well, it’s official…baby is almost here!

At 37 weeks, the doctor told me Baby could be here any day now! I’m trying not to get my hopes up about him coming this week (or even next), but I can’t help but to feel a bit like April the Giraffe. I cannot wait to meet this kid!

Somehow, all this knowledge has sent me spinning me into another crazy round of nesting. I’ve done a bunch of things that were piling up on a to-do list that I was otherwise neglecting over the last three months.

I don’t remember the nesting mode being quite this strong with my first (or maybe it’s just been a while), but I thought it would be fun to share what we’ve been up to while we’re waiting for Baby’s appearance!

Checklist Item #1: Finish sewing projects.

One of the first on this list were to complete some cloth diaper inserts. These soft, cotton cloths folded six times into this neat rectangle, and all I did was iron them and sew the edges shut. We’ve been excited to try cloth diapering for months, and while I know he won’t fit these diapers for a while, I’m still glad to have them done and looking beautiful in the nursery. Plus, the turquoise thread really made my day. 🙂



Checklist item #2: Round up crafts and activities for Bundle to do with grandparents while we are in the hospital.

Even though Bundle has no clue what will be in the bags (I told her she’d have to be surprised), we had quite a blast just going through all the craft junk and sorting things into large ziplock bags. I was shooting for one craft or activity each day we’ll be gone and we ended up with the makings for: a paper bag Angelina Ballerina puppet, a popsicle stick puzzle (like the one below), and a wooden frog and turtle habitat.  One great part of being her mom is preparing for her transition into sisterhood. I already know she’ll be great at it!


Checklist Item # 3: Stacking, organizing and cleaning.

The real part of “nesting.” To be honest, though, it felt a lot less like drudgery or housework this week! Of course, as Hubby pointed out, we’ll be redoing all of these chores every week anyway whether Baby comes next week or the week after. It’s still more fun to vacuum a new nursery than the living room, right?



Checklist Item # 4: Spend more time together as a family of three.

Thankfully, these days are finding us more sun-soaked than windblown, and we’ve been taking full advantage of picnics in the park and trips to the lake. Last week, it rained A LOT. But even watching my daughter splash in the puddles was soothing to my soul. It’s such a joy to watch her revel in nature. I know her little brother will be the same!


Checklist Item # 5: Rest and Relax (or try…)

Finally, I’ve been attempting to take care of myself letting Hubby take care of me by treating me to a salon trip (complete with a hair cut, style and manicure!), and of course, the occasional decaf mocha at my favorite coffee shop. I don’t often indulge in salon trips, but it was such a fun little getaway, and it gave Bundle and Hubby some extra Daddy-daughter hang-out time.


I guess it’s just a waiting game now…thank goodness I’m not on a live-cam like poor April. I don’t think I’m as patient as she!

All this being shared, I don’t know how much effort I’ll be putting into new blog posts these next few weeks. I’ve got a great post coming up called Fairy Tale Picture Books Worth Falling For – the perfect library list for little fairy tale lovers – so don’t forget to check that out later this week. And hopefully the addition of our little one will make my next life update a lot more exciting!


Stay tuned!


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