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Fairy Tale Picture Books Worth Falling For

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love a good fairy tale. And guys, if you’ve got a preschooler at home who loves them too, these books are gold!!

There’s quite a variety on this list – new, old, heroes, heroines, historical, modern… but don’t let the eclectic picks fool you. These books are tried and true wonderful fairy tales and are great for both learning time and leisure time in the reading realm. Who knows…maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

IMG_7595Once Upon a Time: A Pop-in-Slot Book

By Nick Sharratt

This cute, interactive storybook allows kids to create their own story using pop-out figures and objects that fit inside little pockets on each page. It’s almost like a mad-lib for preschoolers! So fun!

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

by Sucie Stevenson

This classic fairy tale is cleverly retold in canine form with adorable and kid-friendly illustrations. We use this book as a read aloud (over and over…), and it’s been one of my favorites from childhood.

Mermaids, an Usborne Sparkly, Touchy-Feely Book

by Fiona Watt

This book is exactly what the title describes: sparkly, touchy, feely and all about mermaids! Bundle loves this book, and even though she’s older, it’s perfect for emergent readers of all ages. I’m sure little bro will like it, too, when he arrives.

The Jester Has Lost His Jingle

by David Saltzman

This older story published in 1995 has always been a favorite in our house, and reaffirms that laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s another great read-aloud for preschool or older aged kids, and I even enjoy re-reading it alone!

A Holiday for August

by Bee Lewi

Bundle chooses this book a lot as a bedtime story. The charming tale of a king who loves holidays, but despairs when he can’t think of a holiday for August, ends with a heart-warming ending. The illustrations are amazing!

Tressa, the Musical Princess

by Charnan Simon

Since Bundle is about to be a big sister herself, this modern fairy tale really resonates with her. Tressa, big dreamer and big sis, saves the day and finds favor with her parents after discovering a unique fix to her baby brother’s teething issues!

Part Time Princess

by Deborah Underwood

Who says princesses can’t have multiple identities? This little princess faces schoolwork and chores by day and dragons and castle gatherings by night. We loved this one from beginning to end!

The Princess and the Pig

by Jonathan Emmett

This hilarious tale of a princess who gets accidentally swapped with a piglet at birth had my four year old and I rolling on the couch with laughter from the first few pages! It’s a quick read, and since it’s often requested, there couldn’t be a better funny, fairy tale pick.

The Sunflower Sword

by Mark Sperring

The peace-loving, tree-hugging hippy in me absolutely adores everything about this book. It’s an easy read, perfect for preschoolers and young elementary readers, and highlights that you don’t always have to fight anger with anger.


Those are our nine favorite fairy tale books, and we truly have fallen in love with them! I’m grateful to have a few of them on our own shelves, and equally thankful for a great library where we can always check the rest out again and again.

What’s on your favorite fairy tale book list?

6 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Picture Books Worth Falling For

  1. Don’t know it you remember, but The Jester who lost his Jingle was written by an 18 year old boy battling cancer. After he died, his mother had the book published. She said he wrote the story to help others find happiness even in sad situations.

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