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{Almost} Spring Update 2018

Well, it’s been two months since my last post, and I can’t believe how time has flown.

It’s about time for an update!

If you missed my last post, I’ve been diving into a few new writing projects. I didn’t divulge many details, but with one project completed and two others in progress, I’m feeling good about my writing journey. The first project was writing a short devotional for a Lenten devotional book our church publishes each year. I have enjoyed writing devotions for many years with this project, and am always excited to participate in something our whole church is involved in. The second two projects are taking a bit longer – I’m working on finishing my kids’ baby books and birth stories, as well as doing research for and writing a short novel. More on this later, hopefully! 🙂

Our oldest is now five and eager for spring and summer sports to begin – namely soccer and dance. She still wild about dinosaurs and princesses, and is settling into her role as older sister like a champ. Our youngest, nearly ten months, just learned how to walk! Life is getting pretty crazy exciting around here!  His little personality is so full of life and joy, and his favorite activities are climbing (on anything and everything) and loving on our fur babies.

Our kids are just now learning to play together and it’s a wonderful thing to watch transpire! The photo on the right is of Hubby and I enjoying a date afternoon – for coffee, of course – on a freezing cold February day.

With spring on the way, I cannot wait to get started on our garden. Hopefully the fickle Midwest weather will make up its mind what season we’re in when March is through. I’m looking forward to seeing daffodils, hyacinths and tulips pop up, and Hubby and I are hoping to get a head start on what will be our farmer’s market produce this summer.

That’s just a short run-down on our family life right now.

I’m still hoping to blog every once in a while – I’ve been told that blogging is good for me! – so until next time…







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