A Fresh New School Year

My kids have been looking forward to the beginning of a new homeschool year since it ended in May. But this mom needed a summer break… 😀 However, now that it’s nearly August I am capitalizing on their enthusiasm and getting the party started!

I always love decorating our little school space, and this year I worked extra hard to highlight our natural light sources, organize all the craft and art supplies (do those multiply overnight??), and make a Montessori themed baby play area for our littlest.

With the #bravegrownspaces challenge this month, I couldn’t not be inspired to document our sweet school space. So here it is!

This giant, old, basement fireplace wasn’t always my favorite feature in the house, but now I love that it’s such a focal point for our home classroom. We have a space on the mantle for calendar activities, a CD player, small musical instruments, thrifted bulletin boards with charts, verses and poems, and plenty of space for artwork and extra paper.

My desk is just to the right of the hanging paper lanterns in the shot above. I adore my sunflower print, but I moved it slight to make room for this cute second-hand chalkboard. My hubby also surprised me today with these gorgeous blooms! I think it lights up the space even more. 🙂

My favorite new part is probably the tiny church pew-turned baby learning center for our one-year-old. It’s been longtime dream of mine to have a baby play space like this. I change out the activities and toys on a daily basis and it really helps knowing she can be entertained safely if I need to lead or teach at the “big kids table.”

My older kids’ favorite classroom update is their new job chart. It’s actually just a blank file folder with magnets and laminated paper hot glued to it, but they love the feeling of accomplishment and responsibility it gives them each day. So far no one has fought over any of the jobs… but I can tell “Calendar Captain” is going to be a favorite.

So what’s next? A classroom library facelift! We have such a cute corner for reading, but I haven’t updated it yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon!

If you’re looking for more inspo for your homeschool space, definitely look into #bravegrownspaces and follow @growingbrave on Instagram! (Not an ad, I’m just a fan. :))

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