Good Things Are Coming…

In the past Monday mornings here at A Fresh Brewed Faith have been set aside for the Weekly Brew, little minute-devotionals where I love to share my heart for Jesus and what He’s been teaching me lately.

However, in leu of one today, I’d like to share that I’ve been working on a bigger project recently that’s taking up more time and energy! I’m keeping the details a secret for now, but…

Here’s what I can share!

  • Get excited — it’s Christmas related and you won’t want to miss out on it!
  • This project’s release date is set for Nov. 6, 2020! That’s SO SOON!
  • I’ll be working on this project in all of my spare time for the next few weeks. I’ll try to give you as many updates as I can, but regular blog posting and emails may be sparse for a while.
  • I’m not sure when I’ll have more details for you here on the blog, but for more recent updates, follow me on Instagram and Facebook!
  • For all archived Weekly Brews, posts about mom life, homeschooling, and recipes come back here any time. My site will always be up and running, and I love it when you visit. 🙂

And lastly, if you’re still reading, thanks again for being here.

This is truly my own little creative outlet and cozy corner of the internet, and I love it when others come hang out & find inspiration in this space! I’m thankful for your readership.

Stay tuned…

Good things are coming.

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Hey! I'm Lisa. Hobbyist writer and homeschooling mama, and lover of all things colorful, cute, coffee-related, and God-created. Welcome to my world.

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