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Welcome, Baby Bear!

It’s official, he’s finally here!

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Spread Joy

Hey, joyful friends!! If you’ve been following me lately, you may have read that I’m teaming up again with Abby Barstow from The Joyful Homemakers Club for Round 2 of the #iamajoyfulhomemaker Instagram campaign. I’m so excited — today is DAY 1! Today’s prompt is “Your Joyful Face” – introduce YOU – The joyful homemaker!… Continue reading Spread Joy

Weekly Brew

Weekly Brew: Embracing the Holy Spirit

Water rushed from the gutters above me and thunder shook wooden beams below. Birds took shelter in the cedar trees and chattered as if there were no darkened sky. The leaves of the rose bushes bent beneath the weight of fresh rain. I often find the Holy Spirit in the rain. The front porch of… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Embracing the Holy Spirit

Fresh Brewed Family

Get to know us! Our little family lives in a ranch-style home in a little-Midwest-town-on-the-prairie … right next to open fields of wheat and corn. See what we’re up to in the posts below! Our Story – In Five-Part Harmony In Five-Part Harmony 1 — From the Ashes 2 — Transition 3 — Regaining the… Continue reading Fresh Brewed Family

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From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

The silly, the wise, the adorable, the ridiculous… my daughter loves words, and sometimes those words just can’t NOT be written down.