Growing Things

Our family is trying something new this year.

We decided in April to join the ranks of our local farmer’s market as a vendor selling fresh produce, flowers, and baked goods.

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No Words Necessary.

Spring doesn’t need a blog-worthy category. It’s just spring. Not to discredit those amazing, drool-inspiring posts about seasonal eats and perennial¬† landscaping and cold brew coffee…but spring is good all by itself too.


No words required.


Here are some of my favorite representations of spring this week.


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When the flowering pear trees are in full bloom — and when every Kleenex in our house has magically vanished.


When spring cleaning has officially begun, and I get (p)inspired to create my own natural disinfectant spray.

When Pup spends long hours consuming dandelions and sticks.

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When tea party season begins with shamrock colored tea sandwiches and daffodil-adorned princess blankies.


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And when the grape hyacinths grow wild in the lawn, screaming to be picked.


I always underestimate how much I love this season.

Happy spring — flower pollen, spring cleaning lists, tea parties, and all!

How to Harvest Your Pumpkins (Store-bought or Home-grown!)

Whether you succumb to the adorable grocery store display or your own green thumb, it’s that time of year for putting those pretty mantle centerpiece pumpkins to good, edible use!

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