Until Later…

My only New Years Resolution last January was to write bravely. As the calendar year comes to a close, I can confidently say I stuck to my resolution. I've written a lot of things this year that were hard for me to write, and even harder for me to hit "publish." But I'm glad I did.… Continue reading Until Later…

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Gluten Freedom: Cross Contamination Prevention

Gluten can be a scary thing for someone with gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity or Celiac's Disease. But cooking in a completely gluten free kitchen can be difficult and impractical. As a part of this Gluten Freedom series, I wanted to share some tips on how to avoid cross contamination, both at home and while eating… Continue reading Gluten Freedom: Cross Contamination Prevention


Terms & Conditions

Thanks for visiting A Fresh Brewed Faith! My desire for this site is to encourage and uplift others and provide useful information through my posts. With that in mind, here's the fine print! Terms of Use: To make sure A Fresh Brewed Faith stays an encouraging and uplifting place, offensive, inappropriate or negative comments will… Continue reading Terms & Conditions

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From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

The silly, the wise, the adorable, the ridiculous... my daughter loves words, and sometimes those words just can't NOT be written down. I am constantly attempting to scrawl down those funny moments of four-year-old conversation before I forget. But... I'm actually pretty terrible at remembering to even write them down! So, starting this week I'm… Continue reading From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

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Dinosaur Field Trip Ideas

Just finishing up a dinosaur unit study? These are some ideas for some fabulously fun field trips that all revolve around dinosaurs! To cap off this Pre-K/K Dinosaur Unit Study, I thought I'd compile a short list of field trip ideas for dino lovers. Some of the most fun dinosaur attractions can be museums. I've compiled… Continue reading Dinosaur Field Trip Ideas