We began our homeschooling journey two years ago, when I made the move from full-time public school teacher to full-time work-at-home mama. It was a blessing I’d never trade! 🙂 Check in the drop down links or browse on this page for free resources, ideas, support and tips on homeschooling!

Our Everyday Life


Kindergarten at Home: a day in the life of us

What is an Invitation to Play?

Nature Painting: An Outdoor Water Activity

10 Ways to Play Outdoors This Autumn

27 Ways to Play Outdoors This Spring

Sensory Ice Play

Library Dramatic Play


Online and Book Resources

My 5 Current Favorite Homeschooling Blogs

Fairy Tale Pictures Books Worth Falling For

Fabulous Early Childhood Education Books to Inspire

Christmas Activities Resource Roundup

10 Christmas Children’s Books We Love

Inspired Homeschooling Ideas

15 Ways to Turn Around a Chaotic Homeschooling Day

Unplugged Play: 50 “I’m Bored” Activities

Preschool P.E. at Home

11 Fun Friday Ideas

What’s on Our Morning Chair and Why We Have One

7 Ways to Add Socialization to Your Homeschool Day

5 Community Volunteering Ideas to Do With Your Preschooler

Thrifted School Supply Storage Hack!

Our Top 5 Can’t-Live-Without Homeschooling Supplies

Dinosaur Unit Study Resources & Links

Matching Dino Memory Cards {freebie!}

Dinosaur Dress-Up Activities

Dinosaur “Stomp” Activity & Extensions

Dinosaur Texture Play

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Activity & Extensions

Dinosaur Pre-writing Pages {freebie!}

Dinosaur Scissor Skill Pages {freebie!}

Dinosaur Red Light, Green Light Game

Dinosaur Book Resources

Dinosaur Field Trip Ideas


Support & Encouragement


End of the Year Reflections

Our  Homeschooling Beginning