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Almond Milk Cinnamon Honey Latte

After a warm-ish (100+ degree), Midwestern August week, today's rain is like a balm for this fall-loving mama's soul! I'm already shamelessly busting out the pumpkins, lanterns, and cinnamon-flavored EVERYTHING. ❤ I created this delish and easy-to-make latte recipe in hopes that it will go ahead and bring on the fall! Naturally dairy and gluten… Continue reading Almond Milk Cinnamon Honey Latte

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Hi, everyone! Ciarra from Ciarralorren created this fabulous new tag called SMILE, and I love the concept! I always strive for this blog to be a place of peace and encouragement ... As ciarraloren so eloquently states, "WE are the ones who determine whether or not this is a place of comfort, happiness and joy. So, let’s make… Continue reading SMILE Tag

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Weekly Brew: Battlefields

Sometimes our battlefront is right here. In the few minutes of hot coffee we get to enjoy before the sun wakes up. In the chill of the dark, February morning air. In the quiet before the chaos of "Mom, where's my other sock?!" As Sarah Young so eloquently reminds us in Jesus Calling, "Do not spoil… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Battlefields

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Gluten Free Mocha Chip Muffins

The holiday season has me craving chocolate like crazy! And what goes better with chocolate than coffee? I am a mocha lover 110%. Whenever I have an insatiable chocolate craving, I turn to this book... It was a fortuitous sale find nearly ten years ago, and has graced my recipe book stack ever since. It… Continue reading Gluten Free Mocha Chip Muffins

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Flowers and Coffee and Things

I used to publish "Wordless Wednesday" blog posts several years back, posts with only photos, no writing. The early August flowers have been so beautiful, I can't help but to try to capture them every chance I get! The result? A pictures-only blog post about flowers, pretty, prairie skies ... oh, and coffee, too. <3… Continue reading Flowers and Coffee and Things