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Unplugged Play: 50 “I’m Bored” Activities

At 11:15 this morning, I set the baby in the pack-and-play and started to prep lunch. I asked my five year old to find something fun to do while waiting for lunch. Apparently, this was no small feat --  the whining ensued almost immediately. Independent play is definitely a learned skill, and takes time to… Continue reading Unplugged Play: 50 “I’m Bored” Activities

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Dinosaur Red Light, Green Light Game

Red Light Green Light has been a favorite game in our house for a long time, and converting it to fit our dinosaur unit study seemed more than appropriate with our little T-rex and roaring around the living room! While the teacher in me loves that this game helps kids work on large motor skills and social… Continue reading Dinosaur Red Light, Green Light Game

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Dinosaur Dress Up Activities

Dramatic play is so valuable - it's one of those educational areas I don't ever want to stop providing - okay, or doing myself, too! Whether for your little kids or you little kids at heart, dramatic play helps develop friendships, fosters creativity and deepens imaginations, and creates opportunities for further growth and learning in other academic… Continue reading Dinosaur Dress Up Activities

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Library Dramatic Play: A Wintry Invitation

So it's 20 degrees with a windchill of who-knows-let's-not-go-outside-to-find-out where we live! So with lots of indoor play ahead, I put together this little invitation to play for my library-loving daughter to enjoy. This is a really easy set-up (ten minutes, tops!) and it's the perfect scenario for letting the kids be "in charge!" Checking out… Continue reading Library Dramatic Play: A Wintry Invitation