15 Ways to Turn Around a Chaotic Homeschooling Day

The amazingly creative learning activity you planned was a total bust and ended in toddler tears. You lost your keys somewhere between changing the baby's diaper and packing the snacks for after soccer practice. The kids' bad attitudes are quickly growing contagious, and you have absolutely zero plan for dinner. I've been here. So many [...]

From the Mouths of {my} Babes – Dessert and Exhaustion 

Well, it's week #2 for the official documentation of the things my daughter says... and I'll be honest - every single one revolves around either sleep or sweets! (Or maybe those are just the ones I'm selectively hearing 😂) Bundle, at the lunch table to Hubby and I: "When I'm done with lunch, then you [...]

The Day My Three-Year-Old Announced Our Miscarriage in Church

*Disclaimer... this story is not within the realm of my usual blog post genres. Full disclosure: I've been putting off writing and posting this for several months. But during those months I've felt God wrap this part of my story in a sense of urgency to share it. I'm not sure who is meant to [...]

Favorite Things Friday: Homeschooling Blogs

**This post is actually a few weeks old, but needed some updates due to broken links. I decided I'd fix it up and reblog it for this week's Favorites Friday! Hope you enjoy! Hi, homeschooling friends!I wanted to gather a short list of my current favorite homeschooling blogs. All of them have links to Facebook [...]

Weekly Brew: Primroses and Promises

Last week we found ourselves browsing at Home Depot, just for fun - a luxury of sorts, especially for Hubby who adores hunting through the used wood pile and discarded paint colors. After Bundle had sprinted out the bulk of her energy in the refrigerator aisles (who knew she could be so easily entertained by kitchen [...]