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11 Fun Friday Ideas for Your Homeschool

Because sometimes making Friday a little extra special is completely worthwhile! Create a "Morning Message" I love using our giant chalkboard to write and draw something cute and simple (outline only) so Bundle can fill it in right after breakfast. She loves spending time using her imagination, using every  chalk color, and counting all the… Continue reading 11 Fun Friday Ideas for Your Homeschool

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Pre-K/Kindergarten Dinosaur Unit Study Resources

Do you have any little dinosaur lovers in your house? Ours is Bundle, our 4-year-old daughter. Every summer I ask her what she'd like to learn about during school, and for the past two years, dinosaurs have made the list. I've decided to dedicate 10 posts just to learning about dinosaurs geared toward the Preschool and Kindergarten age… Continue reading Pre-K/Kindergarten Dinosaur Unit Study Resources

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Spring Sewing Craft for Little Learners

Lately I've been working on a few sewing projects, and Bundle loves to "sew" with me. That's right, I let my 4 year old sew! Okay, well, not with a real adult needle...or a sewing machine...or pinking shears! 😀 But we have come up with a clever way for her to be "involved" when I'm mending… Continue reading Spring Sewing Craft for Little Learners

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Dinosaur Red Light, Green Light Game

Red Light Green Light has been a favorite game in our house for a long time, and converting it to fit our dinosaur unit study seemed more than appropriate with our little T-rex and roaring around the living room! While the teacher in me loves that this game helps kids work on large motor skills and social… Continue reading Dinosaur Red Light, Green Light Game

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Dinosaur Memory Cards {freebie!}

Hello, parents of dinosaur lovers! I've finally begun some of the really fun work on this Dinosaur Unit Study post series - the printables! Today's freebie is a set of matching dinosaur memory cards! Read more to download! I first got this idea from an old Mailbox magazine article, and adapted the cards for our needs.… Continue reading Dinosaur Memory Cards {freebie!}