The Greatest Commandment – Heart

It's a new morning and a new week. Where is your heart in this moment? I'd like to explore the first part of Mark 12:30 today... I'll level with you. My heart isn't always where it needs to be when I wake up each morning. It's sometimes buried in worry or heavy with fear. Sometimes [...]

The Post That Was Supposed to be a Muffin Recipe

Yes, it's true - this post was supposed to be a fabulous, springtime lemon muffin recipe. Spoiler's not! 😀 On the morning this post was attempted... I "got up," but hadn't sleep all night. 4 year old Bundle was up way too early - and complained about breakfast before I even had it on [...]

Weekly Brew: Battlefields

Sometimes our battlefront is right here. In the few minutes of hot coffee we get to enjoy before the sun wakes up. In the chill of the dark, February morning air. In the quiet before the chaos of "Mom, where's my other sock?!" As Sarah Young so eloquently reminds us in Jesus Calling, "Do not spoil [...]