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Nature Painting: An Outdoor Water Activity

Need a fun, beat-the-heat activity for those "Mom, I'm bored!" moments? This nature water painting activity will keep the kids busy and cool in the heat of the great outdoors. Bundle, our four year old, just can't get enough outside play time. Our little baby pool and the outside water table is being filled up… Continue reading Nature Painting: An Outdoor Water Activity

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27 Ways to Play Outdoors This Spring

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest, and we couldn't be more relieved to be spending more time outdoors! This last winter and fall, most of our outdoor activities were walking the dog, playing at the park, and swinging on our swing set. This spring I wanted to set a goal to think of new… Continue reading 27 Ways to Play Outdoors This Spring

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Dinosaur Fossil Dig Activity & Extensions

It's time for another dinosaur post! 😀 Today's activity is a DIY dinosaur dig designed for your little paleontologists. The great thing about this invitation to play is its adaptability. You can make it as intricate or as simple as you like, and kids are always guaranteed to love it! This activity can hit on… Continue reading Dinosaur Fossil Dig Activity & Extensions

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Sensory Ice Play

Is anybody else a parent of a Frozen fan? This house is full of Frozen related items, and Hubby and I could probably belt out every lyric from every song of the movie. I recently found a pin from Learning and Exploring Through Play with this cute and easy winter, nature-themed sensory play idea, and… Continue reading Sensory Ice Play

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10 Ways to Play Outdoors This Autumn

I recently read a fabulous article about how important play is to a child's holistic education, specifically for kiddos under 7 years old. I loved playing outside as a kid, and know my own Bundle can't go a day without being outdoors. Occasionally though, as a child care provider and teacher, I feel mentally stuck… Continue reading 10 Ways to Play Outdoors This Autumn