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Alphabet Soup – A “Martha Speaks” Learning Activity

This little learner activity is perfect for emergent readers! This summer I grabbed the children's classic, Martha Speaks (by Susan Meddaugh) off the library shelves and got a little bit inspired to do something more than just read. My daughter laughed and laughed at the idea of a dog spouting off full sentences, and begged… Continue reading Alphabet Soup – A “Martha Speaks” Learning Activity

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25 Lovely Things

  I love finding joy in the small, simple things. But I don't do it often enough. I'm learning... slowly... that thankfulness ushers in a host of small, sweet miracles that are worth dwelling on, celebrating, and reveling in. Today I'm creating a new tag - 25 Lovely Things. Want to join me? If you… Continue reading 25 Lovely Things

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Gluten Freedom: A Beginner’s Guide to Eating and Cooking without Gluten

Hey, all! Over the last few years I've fielded many questions about why and how I eat completely gluten free, especially with a hubby and littles who have different dietary needs than me. So I've decided to write a short post series called Gluten Freedom: A Beginner's Guide to Eating and Cooking Without Gluten. I'll… Continue reading Gluten Freedom: A Beginner’s Guide to Eating and Cooking without Gluten

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End of Year Homeschooling Reflections

Well, our little one is still happily baking and has not made an appearance yet! So today, I'm spending some time finishing up a few blog posts, organizing summer learning activities for Bundle, baking, and praying for patience! Although time seems to be crawling like an inchworm in terms of waiting for Baby, I can hardly believe… Continue reading End of Year Homeschooling Reflections

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What’s on Our “Morning Chair” (and why we have one)

Make coffee. Sip coffee. Savor the first few (and possibly only) quiet moments of the day. Then embrace the chaos. Anyone else? Our morning routine was...well, not so routine until this last fall. We've been working this year on making our homeschooling mornings more peaceful and smooth, especially the transition from breakfast into the "school" part of… Continue reading What’s on Our “Morning Chair” (and why we have one)