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Cup of Christmas Cheer

Our tree is up, the lights are glowing, Christmas-cheer-cup overflowing.   Presents wrapped and fire aglow, ready for the first big snow.   Candles lit and spirits bright, Christ, come into our home tonight. Merry Christmas, readers!    

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The Greatest Commandment: Soul

Water. Covered. Everything. Well, every inch of the floor. My feet were completely submerged in an ocean of water...gushing from our busted water heater. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the problem until 12 hours into the constant cascade of water onto the basement tile and carpet. Although a flooded basement is par for the course for… Continue reading The Greatest Commandment: Soul

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The Greatest Commandment – Heart

It's a new morning and a new week. Where is your heart in this moment? I'd like to explore the first part of Mark 12:30 today... I'll level with you. My heart isn't always where it needs to be when I wake up each morning. It's sometimes buried in worry or heavy with fear. Sometimes… Continue reading The Greatest Commandment – Heart

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Imagining Easter

He is Risen! Those glorious words resound throughout all nations this morning because, Praise be to God, our Saviour lives! I wanted to spend some time over this week mulling over the Easter story, from start to finish. I find that imagery really helps me better understand the Scriptures. And if there's anything to better understand… Continue reading Imagining Easter

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Weekly Brew: Worth More Than Gold

Yesterday I stumbled across a pin with 20 writing prompts for spiritual journaling. I'm a journal junkie, and obviously, a Pinterest junkie, so I couldn't pass up a quick glance. Before I could double click, one prompt jumped right off the page and really made me think: The most significant area of my life that is not finding its way into… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Worth More Than Gold