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Weekly Brew: Secret Things

I have a confession to make. Lately my desire to be in control of my life has far outweighed my desire to trust in the Lord. I'm a habitual planner. I love looking ahead, marking things down, creating schedules and lists, and checking items off. Keeping organized can be an advantageous part of my personality for sure, but… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Secret Things

Weekly Brew

Weekly Brew: Weary

At the end of some weekends, we feel rested, rejuvenated, ready to get Monday started. At the end of others, we feel weary, stressed, and uncertain of whether or not we can make it through another week so soon. This was one of those weary weekends. Though nothing cataclysmically bad happened, I let the to-dos… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Weary

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Weekly Brew: New Beginnings

Happy Monday, everyone! A couple of years ago, when I completely made over A Fresh Brewed Faith, I began regularly posting something called the "Weekly Brew" every Monday. I was shooting for positive, faith-based and thought-provoking, and blogged a lot about things God was teaching me. I longed to pen something encouraging each week that… Continue reading Weekly Brew: New Beginnings