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Christmas Cheer – Lifestyle Post Roundup

Between helping with (and having kids involved in) children's choir, teaching a preschool class on Wednesday nights, teaching piano lessons 3 out of 5 evenings, and all the holiday buzz in general, my December plate is pretty full! Basically, the month is moving so fast I can hardly keep up! I haven't had lots of… Continue reading Christmas Cheer – Lifestyle Post Roundup

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100th Post ~ January Journal

100 posts - yay! While this blog began (and has continued primarily) as a food blog, I am hoping to steer A Fresh Brewed Faith more towards a lifestyle blog. What better post to start than the hundredth one? This, of course, means writing more about my life, so that is my new blogging goal! Our family, our pets,… Continue reading 100th Post ~ January Journal


Chaos and Light

I admit, this holiday season has felt pretty chaotic, and it's been difficult for me to find time to simply sit and dwell on God's Word. Time seems to fly right out the door with this arctic tundra wind. I've been praying lately for motivation to do more Christ-seeking and more Word-dwelling. This morning, I was blessed with… Continue reading Chaos and Light

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Homeschooling: Our Beginning

Although my go-to posting fodder tends to be food (okay, food involving chocolate, let's be honest), I've missed writing about teaching, something that is so very dear to my heart. And right now, I'm teaching at home. I'd love to share a little bit about why we're currently homeschooling and why we love it! I think… Continue reading Homeschooling: Our Beginning

Living in Faith

My Story: Part 5 — Refined by the Fire

If you look closely at the cracks in our sidewalk, you will see three things: bugs, weeds, and teeny tiny shards of shattered glass. Glass that couldn't be gathered by professional emergency clean-up crews. Glass that still stands as a reminder of our broken lives and the fire that destroyed so much. Recently I attended… Continue reading My Story: Part 5 — Refined by the Fire