Praying Through Cooking

I promise I didn't originally plan for this post to come out the week after Thanksgiving...but it is fitting, isn't it? 😉 Whether or not your family has leftovers from the big turkey day in your fridge or freezer, you're likely to get back to the grind of daily cooking again soon. And for those [...]

The Greatest Commandment – Strength

Physical strength is something that...well, doesn't come easy to me! I don't have a lot muscles, or a lot of extra time work building them! On better days though, I can feel the energy flowing - thanks caffeine - and feel the sudden need to DO ALL THE THINGS. Do you ever feel like this? [...]

The Greatest Commandment – Mind

Bounce...bounce...bounce. These would be my thoughts at midnight...2:30 a.m. ...4:15 a.m. ... Do you ever feel like your thoughts are constantly running wild and robbing you of your focus and peace? *This post contains affiliate links.* I do. Like a hundred times a day. So if this is you, you are SO not alone. This [...]

The Greatest Commandment: Soul

Water. Covered. Everything. Well, every inch of the floor. My feet were completely submerged in an ocean of water...gushing from our busted water heater. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the problem until 12 hours into the constant cascade of water onto the basement tile and carpet. Although a flooded basement is par for the course for [...]

The Greatest Commandment – One

Welcome to part one of my new Weekly Brew Devotional series - The Greatest Commandment! Today I want to jump head first into Scripture. No need to grab your's what I'm looking at: On Saturday, I introduced this Scripture and gave a brief background on what Jesus is quoting. This Hebrew prayer was so [...]