Praying Through Cooking

I promise I didn’t originally plan for this post to come out the week after Thanksgiving…but it is fitting, isn’t it? ūüėČ

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Praying Through Bathroom Cleaning

Raise your hand if you love to clean your bathroom!




No one? Yeah, me neither. But alas, it must be done, right?

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Praying Through Decluttering


Stuff can so easily accumulate and clutter.

But this post isn’t about capsule wardrobes, donating to charity or living simply (all good things, though). It’s about continuously choosing joy ¬†while decluttering our minds and homes – with God’s love, through God’s love, for the love of our families.

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Praying Through the Dishes

Doing the dishes is by far my least favorite chore. Even after making a delicious, enjoyable and beautiful meal for my family, the visual stress of a pile of dirty dishes in the sink can send me completely over the edge. And worse, sometimes doing the dishes can bring out the great, dreaded “R” word — resentment.

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Praying Through the Laundry

If there were ever to be a continuous chore, it would be laundry, right? Add the clothing of any tiny humans into the mix, and your small hills of T-shirts and jeans quickly turn into mountains.

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Praying Through Series


God whispered something so small … and so big… ¬†into my heart earlier this week.

That I need more of Him.

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The Greatest Commandment – Heart

It’s a new morning and a new week. Where is your heart in this moment?

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Weekly Brew: Embracing the Holy Spirit

Water rushed from the gutters above me and thunder shook wooden beams below. Birds took shelter in the cedar trees and chattered as if there were no darkened sky. The leaves of the rose bushes bent beneath the weight of fresh rain.

I often find the Holy Spirit in the rain.

The front porch of my childhood, often a place of solace for me, found me literally reveling in God’s thunderous glory this weekend.

I went up with my sweet kiddos to visit my parents and grandparents while Hubby was away counseling at church camp. I love the rain, and the storm was a sweet surprise I enjoyed from the porch swing with a sleeping Baby Bear in my arms.


As the rain pelted down onto the sidewalk, I breathed in deep, knowing that I was inhaling something much more than rain-soaked soil.

So often I do not give the Holy Spirit enough credit. I move about my day uttering prayers at the appropriate times, reading Scriptures with more fervor in my voice than in my soul, and not really thinking about how much power is concentrated within the Spirit of God.

I’ve witnessed sorrowful communities sob through prayers with no faith. I watched myself pray alongside them, with a heart full of doubt, only to be knocked back by the sheer power of the Lord at work.

My daily rhetoric too often includes statements like,

This project will never come together. Look at the odds against it!


I feel so far gone. There’s no way God can use me.


He’ll never recover. We all know what the doctors said.


But when I drank in the sweet sound of the rain and felt the quaking thunder God reminded me that His Spirit cannot, will not be contained to a box of human understanding.

It is transcendent.

It is set apart.

It is full of power.


What is your heartbreak today? Your obstacle? Your darkness?

I invite you today to drink in the Holy Spirit. To let it rain-soak your weary and worried soul. To boldly approach the throne of grace and embrace God’s power to overcome more than we could ever imagine. Won’t you join me?

Holy Spirit, fill me up. Illuminate my darkness. Obliterate my doubt. Transcend my humanity, immerse me in Your presence, and fill me up with more of You.



Weekly Brew: A Prayer Through the Wind

This morning’s harsh, March¬†wind is pounding helplessly at our windowpanes, crashing through the newly budding tree limbs, and recklessly knocking over anything in it’s way. ¬†The springtime cold snap has officially shoved it’s way through.

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