Pom Pom Press Fine Motor Activity

I have two littles, ages 1 and 3, who area both working on fine motor skills in different ways. I created this simple, low-prep DIY fine motor activity to put on our learning rotation and thought I’d share it here!

This activity is great for toddlers of any age – just be sure to watch diligently if you’ve got kids that likes to put toys/objects in their mouth. 🙂

Easy DIY Pom Pom Press Activity

Here’s what you need:

  • 1-2 dozen large craft pom poms, varying colors
  • a small canister with an easy close lid, like a recycled oatmeal or baby formula jar
  • scissors

Remove the label from the jar (or cover and decorate if you like).

Remove the lid. Cut two small lines in the center of the lid perpendicular to each other in an X shape, just wide enough for one pom pom to fit through to the other side.

Lid with an “X” cut

Place lid back on the jar, and it’s ready to go!

My 3 year old loves sorting by both color and size before he places them into the jar. One time I gave him a toddler safe marker to use as a tool to help press the pom poms down into the jar. He also loves filling the jar completely up and shaking it to hear how it sounds!

My 1 year old pretty much enjoys putting the large pom poms into the jar without a lid, and then putting the lid on and taking it off again to dump out the contents.

So easy!

Wondering what the learning benefits are?

The pom pom press builds:

  • spacial awareness
  • creative and critical thinking
  • object permanence
  • math and sorting skills
  • fine motor skills

Want more large/gross motor skill development ideas? Check this one out!

This activity is great for toddlers of any age – just be sure to watch diligently if you’ve got one that likes to put toys/objects in their mouth. 🙂

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