It's #desiretoinspire Wednesday! If you're on Instagram, come find me, follow me, and let me know what's inspiring you today! My inspiration today comes from the quote below. My goal for today? To drink 64 ounces of water! With this crazy summer heat, it's been tough to stay hydrated. Even though my busy-mama-mind forgets way… Continue reading Believe

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Hello, lovely readers! Welcome to #desiretoinspire - a new tag and category I've created in hopes of spreading inspiration and cheer! The main hub of #desiretoinspire will be my Instagram page, so if you haven't followed me yet, please do that! Then, all you need to do is come back each Wednesday (or any day… Continue reading #desiretoinspire!

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From the Mouths of {my} Babes – Dessert and Exhaustion 

Well, it's week #2 for the official documentation of the things my daughter says... and I'll be honest - every single one revolves around either sleep or sweets! (Or maybe those are just the ones I'm selectively hearing 😂) Bundle, at the lunch table to Hubby and I: "When I'm done with lunch, then you… Continue reading From the Mouths of {my} Babes – Dessert and Exhaustion 

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From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

The silly, the wise, the adorable, the ridiculous... my daughter loves words, and sometimes those words just can't NOT be written down. I am constantly attempting to scrawl down those funny moments of four-year-old conversation before I forget. But... I'm actually pretty terrible at remembering to even write them down! So, starting this week I'm… Continue reading From the Mouths of {my} Babes…

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Weekly Brew: New Beginnings

Happy Monday, everyone! A couple of years ago, when I completely made over A Fresh Brewed Faith, I began regularly posting something called the "Weekly Brew" every Monday. I was shooting for positive, faith-based and thought-provoking, and blogged a lot about things God was teaching me. I longed to pen something encouraging each week that… Continue reading Weekly Brew: New Beginnings