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Nature Painting: An Outdoor Water Activity

Need a fun, beat-the-heat activity for those "Mom, I'm bored!" moments? This nature water painting activity will keep the kids busy and cool in the heat of the great outdoors. Bundle, our four year old, just can't get enough outside play time. Our little baby pool and the outside water table is being filled up… Continue reading Nature Painting: An Outdoor Water Activity

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Our Simple Summer Schedule

The sun is shining, the freezer is stocked with popsicles, school's officially out for everyone in our county, and the baby pool is filled up almost daily. Sure signs of summer, right? I'm both elated and devastated that a week with Baby Bear has already do they grow so fast?! But I'm also excited to get… Continue reading Our Simple Summer Schedule


Weekly Brew: Garden Update!

Well, spring is well underway, and I thought it was about time for a short little garden update! This year I made the executive decision to NOT have quite the extensive garden in terms of vegetables as last year. We had the amazing experience last year of growing and selling most of our produce and… Continue reading Weekly Brew: Garden Update!

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Weekly Brew: New Beginnings

Happy Monday, everyone! A couple of years ago, when I completely made over A Fresh Brewed Faith, I began regularly posting something called the "Weekly Brew" every Monday. I was shooting for positive, faith-based and thought-provoking, and blogged a lot about things God was teaching me. I longed to pen something encouraging each week that… Continue reading Weekly Brew: New Beginnings


Iced Raspberry Mint Sun Tea

Guys... tomorrow's forecast is 104. 1.0.4. Degrees. Fahrenheit. Just the right temp for a icy cold kitchen experiment, right? A few weeks back, I went with my family to a little market in (another) small farming community. It was jam-packed with fresh picked berries, hand-crafted wood furniture, smoked meats, delicious breads and cookies, and homegrown… Continue reading Iced Raspberry Mint Sun Tea