The morning started far too early. Or did the night just go super fast? Or did I lose track of time completely between diaper changes and feedings? Bleary eyed, I reach for the coffee. (Of course.) But lately, I’ve been pushing hard to reach for something – or rather Some One – else besides justContinue reading “Reset”

Kayaking, Granola and Obedience

My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go kayaking this weekend at a nearby lake. We had been looking forward to this outing for several days and our excitement to have a bit of an adventure sans kids shone through our mutually silly and grinning faces. I love kayaking, but it had beenContinue reading “Kayaking, Granola and Obedience”


I was reading through some poetry last night and these words made me catch my breath. I think I’ve heard them before somewhere… The context, the author, and any extra thoughts about it escaped me though. I read it again. What a notion…to request from God himself to illuminate all that is dark within myContinue reading “Illumine”

Weekly Brew Archives

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