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Christmas Cheer – Lifestyle Post Roundup

Between helping with (and having kids involved in) children’s choir, teaching a preschool class on Wednesday nights, teaching piano lessons 3 out of 5 evenings, and all the holiday buzz in general, my December plate is pretty full!

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Praying Through Cooking

I promise I didn’t originally plan for this post to come out the week after Thanksgiving…but it is fitting, isn’t it? 😉

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Praying Through Bathroom Cleaning

Raise your hand if you love to clean your bathroom!




No one? Yeah, me neither. But alas, it must be done, right?

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Praying Through Decluttering


Stuff can so easily accumulate and clutter.

But this post isn’t about capsule wardrobes, donating to charity or living simply (all good things, though). It’s about continuously choosing joy  while decluttering our minds and homes – with God’s love, through God’s love, for the love of our families.

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