Barefoot Still.

I wanted to write a short and sweet poem for my kids to learn for fall. There is so much excellent classic fall poetry out there, but it isn’t actually quite fall yet! So I wrote my own roughly based on a favorite by Nona Keen Duffy, but much more little-learner-friendly in wording. Feel free to pin and use at your homeschool, or just for fun. 🙂

Happy Almost-Autumn!

A Time to…

The first bit of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3 has been on my heart this weekend. It’s all about time. And it seems lately that the ever-elusive time is one thing I never have enough of.

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Breathing Afresh

“I must continue to breathe afresh every day, or my life will cease.”

-Augustus Toplady

This quote has been a favorite of mine since high school, and it still rings true.

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A Fresh New School Year

My kids have been looking forward to the beginning of a new homeschool year since it ended in May. But this mom needed a summer break… 😀 However, now that it’s nearly August I am capitalizing on their enthusiasm and getting the party started!

Newest Weekly Brews

Summer Hymn

Sacred Sunrises